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Is G.L.O.W.S.™ next?

First it was S.L.O.W., but now we need to change it to G.L.O.W.S.™

UN recommends circumcision to combat AIDS

So, I will help Warren out with a new acronym

G Get circumcised
L Limit the number of partners
O Offer needle exchanges to addicts
W Wait for sex as long as possible
S Supply condoms

So while PEACE plan workers are passing out condoms and giving clean needles to addicts, they can now offer a circumcision too.


Can a Christian support partial-birth abortion?

According to Rick Warren, Obama confesses Jesus Christ. Obama needs to repent and learn what the bible says about the destiny of murderers.

Rick Warren and clean needle exchanges

Rick Warren and S.L.O.W.

Warren said many people are more interested in slowing down the pandemic instead of stopping it because they are not willing to make behavioral changes. Although he disagrees, saying it’s a “primarily behavior-based disease,” his “SLOW” model offers four steps that will reduce the number of people infected with AIDS.

“SLOW” stands for Supply condoms, Limit the number of partners, Offer needle exchanges to addicts, and Wait for sex as long as possible.

Yes, he acknowledges that AIDS is a behavioral problem, but he then suppports unbiblical tactics to “reduce the number of people infected with AIDS.” How can a supposed pastor support such ridiculous measures? Why stop at clean needles, how about we provide the drug users a nice, clean environment where they can continue their addiction without fear of AIDS? Are churches going to start offering save, clean environments for these people to continue in sin? Are churches going to supply condoms and clean needles?

Rick Warren Michael Eisner interview

Rick Warren interview on the Michael Eisner show(pdf)

and I realized you can only change society by changing hearts. and so that’s why– actually went into ministry ’cause it was the same motivation.

Interesting quote, but then if he truly believes this, why does he support distributing condoms to fornicators and clean needle exchanges for drug users? Condoms and clean drug needles will not stop AIDS but encourage more sin.

Rick Warren Syria comments audio

Here is the audio from Rick Warren’s YouTube video, which disappeared a few hours after it was posted. If any astute visitors downloaded the video, please let me know.
Rick Warren Syria audio in MP3

The purpose of this site

The main goal of this site is to be a central location for all information pertaining to Rick Warren’s agenda. It will include links to news articles, audio and video files, along with quotes from his books and other writings. Heard from a friend that Mr. Warren supports condom use to S.L.O.W. down AIDS? You can find the documentation here. Did you know that Mr. Warren talked to a group of Jews about applying PDL to “growing their communities” – meaning he is helping unbelievers grow their unbelieving communities? You can see the video here. Pragmatism truly is the norm today in the church, and Mr. Warren is no exception.

This site will try to limit the commentary, as I want to focus mainly on his unbiblical alliances and pragmatism. Comments will be allowed but they will be heavily moderated.

Stayed tuned for more. If you have any information with supporting documentation, please comment on this article.

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